Friday, March 22, 2019

  • Why can't I make a will at home without the need for a solicitor? +

    You can make a Will without the services of a solicitor. Some stationery shops sell do-it-yourself Wills but while you may think you are saving time and money you may
  • Where should I keep my will? +

    If you make your Will with a solicitor he/she will hold the original for you and give you a copy. Ensure you tell someone where the original is being held.
  • I am separated/divorced. Can my estranged spouse challenge my will? +

    If your separation has not been made legal a challenge is possible. If it has been made legal clauses may have been written into the Separation Agreement excluding the other
  • What is an Enduring Power of Attorney? +

    Click section on Enduring Power of Attorney on the Homepage.
  • Although I have made a will I am worried about who looks after my financial affairs and who makes medical decisions if I develop Alzheimers Disease or some other mental condition.? +

    In this instance it would be very wise to have an Enduring Power of Attorney drawn up.
  • Should I discuss the contents of my will with my family? +

    Only if you want to.
  • Do I need to make a new Will after I get married? +

    Yes. Marriage automatically revokes prior Wills.
  • Can I change my Will? +

    Yes. You can change your Will as often as you like.
  • Does my executor have to know what is in my Will? +

    No. But they should be told where the Will is being kept.
  • What is an executor? +

    An Executor is the person you name in your Will to carry out the terms of your Will and should be chosen with extreme care. One Executor is sufficient but
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Dermot McNamara BCL,
Notary Public
Commissioner for Oaths

Collette Bryson BA (Hons)

Frances Cunneen T.E.P. Trust & Estate Practitioner

Lorraine Byrne

M.I.I.L.Ex, Legal Executive

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